Africa Educational Trust

A final evaluation for AET’s Primary Education Programme, which reaches 100 marginalised communities in South Sudan

Aga Khan Foundation

A baseline study for the evaluation of AKF’s ICT in education project in Kenya and Uganda

British Council

A research study conducting market analysis on mobile partnerships for global education, arts and society impact

Cash for education review

A learning review of UNHCR’s cash for education key considerations in Egypt

DFID: Mapping education technology

An evidence map and guidance document that collates 401 resources on education technology

Digital data gap research study

A multi-country research study exploring women entrepreneurs’ access to and use of digital technology

Dubai Cares and UNHCR: Voices of Refugee Youth

An ongoing longitudinal study exploring the impact of post-primary education for refugees in Pakistan and Rwanda

Girls’ Education Challenge

Multiple ongoing longitudinal studies assessing the impact of education for girls

GIZ: Employability through higher education for refugees

A research study on how technology-supported higher education programmes for refugees can be designed to maximise impact on future employability

GSMA: Digital ecosystems in humanitarian response

A globally unique dataset capturing refugee use of mobile technologies in Jordan, Rwanda and Uganda

GSMA: Mobile is a lifeline

Socio-economic research study on the impact of mobile and internet connectivity in Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania

Higher education for refugees

A year-long research study on refugee access to higher education in low-resource environments

Humanitarian Innovation Fund

A research study involving the development of innovation case studies to enhance understanding of innovation processes

Humanitarian Leadership Academy

A detailed research and mapping study on knowledge in the humanitarian sector

iKnowledge: Strategy and evidence-building

Strategic advice and support for the implementation, research and evaluation of iKnowledge

JOSY programme evaluations

An evaluation of the JOSY digital summer school and mentoring programme pilots implemented by Kiron

Principles for Digital Development

A landscape assessment and gap analysis regarding the alignment of donor policies and strategic plans with the Principles for Digital Development

Save the Children: The future of learning and technology

A research report on the future of basic education, ICT use in deprived locations, and the use of ICTs in primary school learning in 2020 and 2025

Women for Women International

A mid-term evaluation of a women’s empowerment programme in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria
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