Africa Educational Trust

A final evaluation for AET’s Primary Education Programme, which reaches 100 marginalised communities in South Sudan

Aga Khan Foundation

A baseline study for the evaluation of AKF’s ICT in education project in Kenya and Uganda

British Council

A research study conducting market analysis on mobile partnerships for global education, arts and society impact

DFID: Mapping education technology

An evidence map and guidance document that collates 401 resources on education technology

GIZ: Employability through higher education for refugees

A research study on how technology-supported higher education programmes for refugees can be designed to maximise impact on future employability

GSMA: Mobile is a lifeline

Socio-economic research study on the impact of mobile and internet connectivity in Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania

Higher education for refugees

A year-long research study on refugee access to higher education in low-resource environments

Humanitarian Innovation Fund

A research study involving the development of innovation case studies to enhance understanding of innovation processes

Humanitarian Leadership Academy

A detailed research and mapping study on knowledge in the humanitarian sector

iKnowledge: Strategy and evidence-building

Strategic advice and support for the implementation, research and evaluation of iKnowledge

Integral Alliance

Real-time evaluation of the collaboration of Integral Alliance’s 19 members during the Typhoon Haiyan response

Save the Children: The future of learning and technology

A research report on the future of basic education, ICT use in deprived locations, and the use of ICTs in primary school learning in 2020 and 2025
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